9 augusti 2008

A successful trip to Finland

Maya šr nu Finsk Utstšllningschampion!  Preety is now a Finnish little boy!!!

We've been to Finland for a week and we had such a good time. It wasn't for vacation really, no, we had some serious missions to do :-)  and the schedule was full. It's so nice to share a hobby with someone, and I'm so grateful for sharing it with my oldest daughter, Ting. Then itís easy to spend so many hours in the car just discussing kooikers and dogsí behavior in general, it's lovely, an endless subject, so we decided to take a trip, a long trip to Finland.

For a couple of weeks ago I got a very exiting mail from a kooiker-owner in Finland, Henna. We had four little kooiker-puppies at home and I was searching for another buyer, the right one for one of the males and I felt immediately that this person might be the one. We did some mail changing and then she came to the World Winner Show in Stockholm and after that we went to my place, looking at the wonderful puppies. At that time we already had decided to go to a show in Kuopio for a three days show, maybe Maya could become a Finnish Champion? We were invited to stay at Hennaís place, not too far away from the show, and it felt so natural although we didnít know each other so well at that time.

Still, we didnít know if the puppy would join us. Just some hours before the boat left the harbor from Stockholm it was clear, Yes, Preety should become Finnish. All in our family thought it was really sad, because he was already a part of our pack but it is impossible to have five dogs for us.

Well, now we were in Joensuu in Finland meeting Henna and we were three kookier-fans together! Henna had been waiting so long to meet her little kookier-puppy and he is so easy to love, he started to kiss her at once. Maya and Hennaís older dog, Shanti, fell in love with each other from the very first moment. Maya were in her heat and that was the third mission, to look after a nice male for her, but taking the first dog without look for an alternative wasnít my purpose and the plan is actually to mate her on her next heat!

The day after we went to the show in Kuopio and Maya wasnít that faithful, she could have anyone as long as they had four legs, Maltese, Setter, yes, she had lots of suggestions. Shanti was also participating on the Friday show and he became the best male. I was so nervous and exited, and Yes!, Maya and Ting did it, great! The final couple in the ring was Shanti and Maya and finally the Swedish judge Dan Ericsson appointed Shanti as the Best of the Breed, good choice! Maya was now Finish Champion! Thanks for all congratulations!

The judge on the Saturday show, Jochen H Eberhardt from Germany had a totally different taste and opinion of what a kookier should be like. He wasnít doing his job properly actually, my opinion. One of the young boys was a little bit suspicious at first so he took a step away from the judge but the judge didnít even give him a second chance, thatís a pity. I think itís the judgeīs job is to help a young boy to succeed, not to disqualify for taking one step away at first, after that he was taken a step towards the judge but at that time the judge had made his decision.  Maya was dressed in a bikini due to summer time which wasnít suitable for the judge but he didnít like any of the bitches. No one of the bitches got more than good??? I really wonder what his taste is like???

On the Sunday show it was a very nice judge from Switzerland, Laurent Pichard, and he was very gentle with both the dogs and the handlers. It was really exiting at the end and finally he picked the Grandmother of our third litter to the best bitch and Best of Breed, Good choice!!! And Maya became second best of the bitches and got the CACIB.

We had the opportunity to meet so many kooikers thanks to Henna who had arranged so many meetings for us. We met so many nice people and Iím so happy for meeting you all and for all congratulations both on the shows and on your club site. THANK YOU!

Every happy moments needs to be ended, itís time for goodbye. We know that Preety was in real good hands and with this smoothly transition it shouldnít be any problem at all, he already knew who he belonged to. Thank you Henna for everything! And Good Luck!

Pictures will soon be presented. I forgot my memory card in Finland :-(

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