Sidan uppdaterades senast 2009-08-22

Nyköping,17th August 2008, Sunday in rainy weather

Next morning we started early, we should attend in another Show in Nyköping for another kookier specialist, Ricky Lochs-Romans, she’s also from Holland. We know from earlier experience that she’s a great judge and we wanted her opinion of our dogs, so we sacrificed a good morning sleep.

Today Yazz was also there, Nelly’s and Freya’s brother. He has gotten a certification the day before in Norrköping and this day he got his third and became second best of male. The sisters got even today excellent critics and became second and third, just behind the winner of yesterday, Inka. Tyra won the open class but she wasn’t in her best mood (she’s not so found of going by car).

In the champion class Maya got her revenge from yesterday (it doesn’t matter what you wear in rainy weatherJ) and she won and ended as second best of bitches after the superstar Jorrie. Third was the winner of yesterday, Inka, and fourth was Freya and I think Droom took the fifth place. My congratulations to Birgitta and Thomas for the BOB and BIM (I’ve forgotten the English shortening) and Ruffas second place in group!!!

Even today we won the breeder class, YES!!! "Beautiful group Lovely type Good confirmation All coming in the standard Beautiful sound movement."   Thanks Jill, Ingela, Karin and Ting for making this possible!!!

I’m so trilled about Maya’s critics; "Beautiful typical kooiker from nose to tailtip. Lovely head, body and mowing. Beautiful contact with the owner." Can you believe it? Ricky has been judging a lot of kooikers!!!

Tyra’s critics isn’t bad either;"Lovely girl beautiful temperment. Beautiful head and expression, very small earbells. Nice in bone and body."

What a lovely weekend! Very tired but pleased!!!!!