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Some words that might cause problems:

BIR    BOB, Best of breed

BIM    BOS, best of opposite sex

This day is a miracle and today we're celebrating our big boy, Bamse! Birgitta and Thomas, Thank you for this lovely dog! Congratulations to all siblings and to all the cuisines that are just a little bit older!

Now it's summer time!! http://s138.photobucket.com/albums/q242/palmupuu/funvideos/?action=view&current=agijakuhasalo055.flv

23rd May 2009

Dog Show, Österbybruk 23rd May 2009

Congratulations to Robert and Lotta!

Winner today was Wenarjas Gentle Daisy and Golden Giel vh Runxputtehof became BOS!



Zally was at her first official Dog Show.


We are so proud of Tyra, today she behaved with great confidence and self-esteem.


A really happy winner, Lotta with the red and yellow rosette!



Open class dog

Golden Giel vh Runxputtehof "Bendji",    1, 1ck, Cert, Cacib, BIM

Young class bitch

Mattssons Zally, 2a

Open class bitches

Mattssons Tyra 1, 2

Mattssons Yrsa 2

Wenarjas Gentle Daisy, 1, 1ck, Cert, Cacib, BIR

Judgement of the judge of today: Bertil Lundgren, Excellent


18th May 2009

This is a situation that most breeders fears!

Right now Maya is lying in her old bed, doesn't want to do anything, I even have to feed 
her. During Saturday we lost two puppies. Everything worked so well at the beginning
and she was great, calm, brave and so focused on her mission. I had a very special
moment in my life, she had totally faith in me, it’s not possible to described the feeling.

Maya was doing so fine but it didn’t give any result so we decided to go to the vet. In the
car just outside the vet clinic Maya gave birth to one male without any tail but he had good
 energy. Then it was a long process to get the other puppy out. It ended with  a Caesarean
It took so looong time, much longer than they said at the beginning, and I was so worried. It was a male too, with not any obvious physical faults but he didn’t have any energy and even though we tried for a long time he didn’t survived. We decided to put the other puppy to sleep because he didn’t have a correct spine. It started so well but suddenly it became fairly dramatically, no puppies.

Maya is so sad and she’s in pain. Yesterday I took her out for peeing at the front yard, she mowed directly to the car and cried loudly, the window was open and she felt the smell of what happened yesterday, it was terrible. Before all this happened, she was so proud of her puppy room, totally aware of it was her time now to  become a mother. When we came home yesterday she went directly to her old bed in the working room, the other direction of the puppy room. Today she went into the puppy room and started crying again. Later today I will take away all the things that was prepared for the litter.

I'm sorry, this is certainly not the news I had hope to deliver but it’s the fact of reality. I'm so sorry to all people that was looking forward to the litter of Maya. I hope Maya will recover quickly. Suddenly I have a spring/summer without puppies and nothing planed.  I'm sure that even bad circumstances include some positive perspectives, I just wonder what it can be this time?

11th May 2009

Now it's only one week left

until the expecting puppies will arrive. Well, I haven't been so good lately to update
the English pages, maybe you didn't know that Maya and Remus from Finland
hopefully will get some beautiful puppies.

I promise to keep in touch, see ya!


24th March 2009

Nice winter pics from Finland, two handsome boys, Preety and Shanti!

Under Länkar hittar ni videos på killarna när de tränar. Preety har redan lärt sig slalom, helt otroligt!

 17th March 2009

Remus and Maya together in Finland!




















SKooi Club Show 2008

The event of the year, the annual Swedish Kooikerhondje Club Show, my opinion though. The day after, it’s a little bit sad, now it’s almost a year until next time but what a wonderful day we had yesterday!!! The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect, all lovely dogs and a lot of nice people sharing the same passion in the breed, isn’t that great? Together we spent many hours by the ringside, and the judge of the year, Jan Andringa from Holland showed a big attention to all the 71 participated kooikers, lovely, Thank you!

It was a really exiting day. Jan has a long experience in kookier breeding and I was so curious about the dogs he should choice. There were many nice dogs so it can’t be an easy task. I realized that all the dogs behaved so well and it was so peaceful in the area, which is a sign of improvement of breeding as I see it. Jan treated all the dogs with full respect and helped the more insecure dogs to succeed, something I really appreciated. There was a hard competition, especially in the bitches’ classes.



The first dogs entering the show from our kennel were Nelly and Freya in the intermediate class, 17 dogs attending! They both got first price and ck(certification quality) with excellent critics and Freya came on 4th place. Ting and Tyra were next in open class, 12 dogs attending so it wasn’t easy. Anyway she became 3rd with excellent critics and Jan told us she was the only one in the show with the color that the baroness preferred and so it was in the beginning. I will never complain about her light color again, promised in written, I now had it all in of perspective. In the champion class it was only four bitches and obvious Maya didn’t show all her qualities, still wearing short trousers due summer time. Otherwise, in this case we might not have the same opinion ;-) Well, she became third. So, who will be the best bitch in this hard competition? Tyra ended at the 5th place and we were so happy, it was actually 40 bitches so that is brilliant!



Finally, who is the winner? Should it be the world winner Oxo or a young Finnish bitch, Inka, Bullbenz Kooi Ushi Geri? It was really exiting, everyone was focused and then Jan raised his hand and appointed Inka as the winner of the Swedish Club Show 2008! My biggest congratulations to Virpi and Anne! You didn’t take the long way for nothing! And once again I sent my congratulations to the Cadier family. I’m so impressed. You almost have won everything that's possible now, haven’t you?

After all the dogs have been judged it was time for the breeding class. From us only four were there so it wasn’t so much to choice ;-) Four kennels were in the ring together with each four dogs. It was such a lovely feeling to show the dogs and their great owners, and what a marvelous feeling to win it all. It was fantastic!
"Nice almost simular group. Only one of them has the lighter colour, (orange) so it was at the beginning of kooiker-breeding. "HP



The unofficial games started. Pair class; is to show two dogs so similar to each other. There were many couples this year and similarity is something important in breeding. Ingela showed the young dear sisters Nelly and Freya, it’s hard to imagine that they are only 17 months and they won!!!  Great job, Ingela!

Unfortunately this day ended too quickly and in the evening we had a traditional Swedish August party eating crayfish and singing Swedish boost songs. Thank you all that have done all the preparatory work for a successful day. Thank you all for coming!

And finally, many thanks to Jan Andringa!




Nyköping; Sunday in rainy weather

Next morning we started early, we should attend in another Show in Nyköping for another kookier specialist, Ricky Lochs-Romans, she’s also from Holland. We know from earlier experience that she’s a great judge and we wanted her opinion of our dogs, so we sacrificed a good morning sleep. Today Yazz was also there, Nelly’s and Freya’s brother. He has gotten a certification the day before in Norrköping and this day he got his third and became second best of male. The sisters got even today excellent critics and became second and third, just behind the winner of yesterday, Inka. Tyra won the open class but she wasn’t in her best mood (she’s not so found of going by car). In the champion class Maya got her revenge from yesterday (it doesn’t matter what you wear in rainy weatherJ) and she won and ended as second best of bitches after the superstar Jorrie. Third was the winner of yesterday, Inka, and fourth was Freya and I think Droom took the fifth place. My congratulations to Birgitta and Thomas for the BOB and BIM (I’ve forgotten the English shortening) and Ruffas second place in group!!!

Even today we won the breeder class, YES!!! "Beautiful group Lovely type Good confirmation All coming in the standard Beautiful sound movement."   Thanks Jill, Ingela, Karin and Ting for making this possible!!!

I’m so trilled about Maya’s critics; "Beautiful typical kooiker from nose to tailtip. Lovely head, body and mowing. Beautiful contact with the owner." Can you believe it? Ricky has been judging a lot of kooikers!!!

Tyra’s critics isn’t bad either;"Lovely girl beautiful temperament. Beautiful head and expression, very small earbells. Nice in bone and body."

What a lovely weekend! Very tired but pleased!!!!!





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